Prints & Finishing

Pierce Digital offers an array of prints and finishes that help define your photographic expertise. As a professional photographer, you have already developed your reputation for fine portraiture. As your professional color lab, that reputation will be reflected in our finished products, and for those photographers that are still developing your personal style and reputation, trust your work in our hands and let us help you to build and excel in your business.


Many photographers pour considerable time and creative talent into their images prior to forwarding them to a lab for prints and products. To help maintain that individualized creative theme, Pierce Digital offers our Redi-Print Service. For optimum results of profile settings, Pierce Digital provides the you a complimentary test print service of 5 test prints. This service offers you, the photographer, the opportunity to match print color and density to the image seen on your monitor(s).

Deluxe Services

Some photographers find themselves pressed by time and other demands and desire their image's color and density be corrected by the lab. Pierce Digital understands this need and gladly offers this as a free service in our Deluxe Service, so that you, the photographer, can rest assured of receiving quality finished prints that you can proudly provide to your clients; but, our Deluxe Service is much more than just color correction! Here at Pierce Digital we are committed to do more, which is why our Deluxe Service includes the following services at no additional charge:

  • free color and density correction and balancing
  • free upgrade to Metallic finishing
  • free texturing
  • free die cutting on wallets

Simply put, "We do more!"

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