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Redi-pak (Package Services)

Ideal for the sports, school underclass, prom, fundraiser, daycare, family, and event photographer, our Redi-Pak units are designed to help simplify order entry. Specific packages can be established, by request, on our ROES software enabling the photographer to easily build package orders with minimum effort and time.

Our Redi-Pak units are affordably priced and consists of many different layouts. Once an account has been established with Pierce Digital, with a simple phone call or e-mail, package contents can be set up to fulfill any photographer's individual needs.

Redi-Pak has a minimum order of $49.50 or 50 8x10 units, and by default orders can not be submitted via ROES without meeting that minimum. All Redi-Pak orders submitted via other means that do not meet that minimum will automatically be charged at the appropriate Redi-Print or Deluxe Service rates.

Large volume photographers are invited to call for special pricing quotes to meet your needs based upon the amount of yearly business you do.

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