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Pierce Digital provides underclass photographers the products desired while simplifying package order entry. Studio-specific Redi-Pak package units are designed to help simplify order entry and can quickly and easily be accessed through our ROES software once an account number has been established.

With these studio-specific packages established, minimum effort and time are required. Rather than having to drag an image into each unit layout desired you can drag the image into just one "Package A" layout and all sizes desired would be automatically added to the order. Allowing for easy batch ordering of the same Packages for multiple images. What a time savings!

A general color correction is applied to each Redi-Pak order; however, individual color correction may be requested for an additional 25¢ per image. All images on an order should be from the same photo session.

Even though in our Redi-Pak Service units are already affordably priced and consists of many different layouts, possible volume price quotes are available for qualifying underclass photographers.

Pierce Digital offers individual packaging of underclass portraits in school portrait envelopes. Please see Underclass Packaging for details.

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Unit Size Redi-Print (your color)
Quarter-Unit 4 x 5 $ .40
Half-Unit 5 x 7 & 4 x 8 $ .55
7 x 10 $ .99
8 x 10 $ .99
10 x 13 $ 2.20
10 x 15 $ 4.00
11 x 14 $ 3.00
16 x 20 $ 12.95
Additional Options
Key Chain (including Prints) $1.89
Bagging of Individuals Available for small fee per bag
Color Correction per individual $ .25/per image for entire order